No to upset anyone, but I’d like to point out that today is the 1 year anniversary of the announcement of the saulbert break up


Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Sauli! ♥


just a little thing i want to point out

it would be GREAT if adam and sauli are dating again


adam liking sauli’s pics or sauli liking adam’s pics on instagram is not proof that they are back together i mean you also like your friends pics right????

also adam and…

but like… have sauli and adam actually said they’re back together?

posted 3 weeks ago

y’all are happy to see sauli and adam together if my follower count’s anything to go by. :D like 10 new followers in the last two days.

how happy am I for saving my old saulbertfeels url and still being active on this blog and fangirling over every little thing and not changing my icon? very.